Please help us make Price Chopper stores a safe place for everyone by following these 6 safe shopping tips:

1. Wear a Mask 

Due to local ordinances and state mandates, we require that you wear a mask to help protect others while you're shopping in our stores. See the CDC's resource for DIY face masks.

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2. Plan Ahead

Check your store's hours.

Make a list and organize it by store department. We know browsing shelves can be a great experience, but the shorter your visit, the less your potential exposure.

We recommend buying enough to last about a week at a time to limit wasted goods.

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3. Go Solo

Consider sending only one person into the store when possible to help protect your family members, our employees, and your neighbors.

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4. Practice Social Distancing

Follow our handy one-way markers to keep a safe distance in the aisles. Try to keep a six-foot buffer from others – especially in the checkout lanes.

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5. Shop With Your Eyes

Do your best to only touch items you plan to bring home. We know this is a change, but try only inspecting produce visually.

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6. Keep Things Clean

We recommend you wash your hands before and after your visit. We've also provided wipes and sanitizing supplies throughout the store.


A little kindness can go a long way. If you see something kind, helpful, or exceptional while shopping, please let the person know – whether that's a teammate or fellow shopper. Use #KCtogether to share stories of kindness you see throughout the community.

The CDC's recommendations for dealing with COVID-19 are rapidly evolving. Please refer to their guidelines for the latest info.