Creating Conversations

September 7th 2021

This Grandparent’s Day, help your kids deepen their relationship with their grandparents (or any other loved ones from older generations). These questions and prompts can help spur meaningful conversations and help kids get to know their grandparents.

Set up a meeting in person, over the phone, or through a video call. Use these questions and topics to encourage conversations between your kids and their grandparents that they might not otherwise have.

Family Questions

  • How many siblings did you have?
  • What did your mom and dad do for work?
  • Did you have any aunts or uncles?
  • Did you know your grandparents? What was your favorite memory with them?
  • What do/did you do for work?
  • How did you meet grandma/grandpa?
  • Where does your/our last name come from?
  • Did you have any pets growing up or while raising my mom/dad?

Childhood Questions

  • What was your first memory?
  • What was your favorite game to play growing up?
  • What was your favorite food as a kid?
  • Who did you play with growing up?
  • What was your school like?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Did you have any chores growing up? What were they?

Life Story Questions

  • What is your favorite place you’ve traveled?
  • What is the best food you’ve ever eaten?
  • What’s a fun story from you and your friends growing up?
  • What’s the most memorable lesson your learned?
  • What modern invention do you wish you had growing up?
  • What has changed most in your lifetime?
  • What was your first car like?

Creating Conversations


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