Healthy For You

The Healthy For You program was created because we care about the health of the communities we serve. With the help of nutrition experts, we built this program to combat our growing concern about the state of our health. Healthy For You provides nutrition education with clear positive messaging that empowers our customers to believe they can make a difference in their health today.

Notes to Get You Started

  • You are an individual and your body requires different nutrients, foods, supplements and special diets at different times in your life. Check out our Nutrition Resources pages to find out what health and wellness topics speak most to you!
  • Our In-Store Quick Picks help you navigate through the aisles faster when looking for foods that lower chloesterol, improve brain health, improve immune health, are gluten-free and more!
  • We know some customers may be confused about next steps when their doctor tells them to follow a low-fat or low-cholesterol diet. Check out Diets Explained By A Dietitian to help answer all your questions. 
  • Health means something different to each person. We believe that finding health means finding that sweet spot where you understand how to balance the amount of health food you put into your body with the amount of junk food you consume. Yes, it’s completely ok to have a beer or cotton candy or a burger or all three at the stadium once in a while! And maybe we need some chocolate everyday. But the sweet spot of health occurs when you find yourself listening to your body’s needs. It’s the power to decide whether to eat a slice of apple pie or an apple, and no matter which you choose you are symptom free (no headaches, bloating, pain, rashes, etc.), feel energized, make food choices without guilt, and are happy and content with yourself.