The grocery store is a confusing place when trying to choose the healthiest option within your budget and taste preference. This is why Price Chopper has taken the guesswork out of the process and provided three different grocery listings to help you when you’re in the store. Each listing has multiple food categories that keep budget, taste and health concerns in mind.  Read about each one below to determine which is best for you!

Healthy Budget Shopper

Maybe you think healthy food is too expensive. Maybe you find yourself ready to swap out some of the unhealthy items in your cart for healthier alternatives even if organic is not in your budget. Maybe you are worried that the healthier alternative won’t taste as good and will go to waste? If so, this list is perfect for you.

Healthy on a Budget Shopping List  Healthy on a Budget Shopping Guide

Healthy Habits Shopper

Maybe you’ve already started to make some changes and have been putting healthier items in your cart. Maybe you’re just wondering if you’ve been making the best choices. Maybe you’re not ready to go completely organic just yet but want to know the next best choice. If so, this list is best suited for you.  

Healthy Habits Shopping Guide  Healthy Habits Shopping Guide

Dietitians Top Picks

Maybe investing in your health is the number one driver of your grocery purchases and budget takes a backseat. Maybe you want to know as much as you can about where your food comes from and why it’s the healthiest choice for you and the planet.  Maybe you want to know the absolute best organic or natural choice in every category. If so, this list is best suited for you.

Dieticians Pick Shopping Guide  Dietitians Pick Shopping Guide