Chopper Kids Club at Price Chopper

This January, start making kid-friendly meals that make lunchtime fun by packing lunches bento style! And while the weather is cold outside, we have plenty of fun inside activities for you and your family to enjoy. Check out our latest activity sheets and ideas to stay active indoors! Enjoy these January kid-friendly ideas now and sign up for our monthly Chopper Kids Club emails to get new ideas in the future!

Build A Bento Box

Bento Boxes are super fun way for kids to take responsibility for their food choices! You’ll learn so much about your child’s likes and dislikes if you Build a Bento Box as a team, plus it’s a great opportunity to discuss nutrition in a positive way.

Bento, or boxed lunch, originated in Japan and has taken off stateside in a big way. The key to a successful bento is a shallow plastic or stainless steel container that seals securely. Your box might already have compartments; if not, you can easily create dividers for food by placing things like berries or yogurt in colorful paper or silicone baking cups. And keep in mind that bentos need to be packed fairly full to ensure that the items inside won’t move around in transit. Finally, put bento boxes in thermal lunch bags along with a couple of ice packs to keep the food cool until lunchtime.

Image of bento box with meat, fruits, and vegetables

Stay Active...Indoors!

Winter weather keeping you inside? Here are some fun things you can still do as a family and stay warm too!

  • Create an obstacle course
  • Build a fort
  • Encourage kids to work alongside you to learn a new chore.
  • Play music & dance
  • Play a game of “Simon says”
  • Try yoga or another activity together
  • Have kids work to create their own snack
kids playing with boxes indoors

Attention Royals Fans!

Will you be at Royals Fan Fest? Swing by the Price Chopper booth for fun prizes and photo ops.

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Fanfest January 25-26

At-Home Activities

This month print our fun and free activity sheets to have some adventures with the Chompers!! Don't forget to share your child's creations, with #mypricechopper and we may repost your photo. 

Click on Winter Crossword image to download PDF

Click on Missing Mittens image to download PDF

Past Activities

Here are a few of our past favorites.

Click to download pdf of the NFL Word Search

Click to download pdf of the Football Snack Pack

Click to download pdf of how to make a snowflake

Click to download pdf of how to make a finger pupper