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King Crab Legs vs. Snow Crab Legs
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King Crab Legs vs. Snow Crab Legs

Unfamiliar with the taste of crab? Your favorite may be one of the two most popular types of crab: King and Snow. The two differ in texture, flavor and appearance but are both equally delicious.

The facts about Snow Crab Legs

  • Snow Crab Legs are easier to handle than King Crab Legs; its smooth shell is easy to break and maneuver.
  • Its flavor is sweet, mild and delicate.
  • There are generally four or more legs on each section.
  • Snow Crab Legs are very abundant and easily accessible.
  • It takes more Snow Crab Legs to equal the meat in King Crab Legs.
  • You can manage to retrieve meat from this crab by hand.

The facts about King Crab Legs

  • King Crab Legs have a spiny, prickly shell and can be tricky to handle. Be careful when eating!
  • Its meat is very firm and holds together as one piece when removed from its shell.
  • King Crab is generally served in single legs servings -legs can grow up to 5 feet in length!
  • King Crab Legs is typically more expensive than Snow Crab Legs.
  • You’ll need seafood crackers to retrieve meat from this crab.

With that said, which would you choose?

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