Explore Red Foods

February 9th 2022

There are so many naturally red foods available at your local Price Chopper. How many have you eaten? Share your Red Food Enthusiast score with #mypricechopper.

Red foods featuring fruits and vegetables

Red Apples
Red Delicious, Gala, Johnathan, Cosmic Crisp, and more! There are many tasty red apple options.

A delicious, healthy fruit with a beautiful red color.

Prickly Pear
Both the pads (nopales) and fruit (tunas) are edible when prepared well.

Blood Orange
A great red option for citrus season!

A summer favorite – especially when paired with strawberries.

Red Spinach
Spinach is famously dark green – but have you ever tried the beautiful red variety?

This crunchy, slightly spicy “green” is perfect in salads.

Red Peppers
From sweet bell peppers to spicy Serranos, red peppers always pack a lot of flavor.

This classic fruit is great eaten on its own or in a variety of tasty recipes.

Red Potatoes
Red potatoes are not only a great way to add color to a plate, but their lower starch content also makes them delicious when roasted.

Red Beans
These little legumes are full of plant-based protein and are a staple in Cajun fare.

Fresh Cherries
These small fruits vary from sweet to tart varieties, but they all pack a lot of juice into a small package.

This tropical fruit is particularly popular where it grows natively in Southeast Asia.

Red Raspberries
Sweet and tart raspberries are delicious eaten fresh or paired with chocolate.

One of the most versatile red fruits, tomatoes can be found in many dishes.

Spanish Peanuts
Also known as redskin peanuts for their distinctively bright color.


Count up how many your family has tried and share you score with us using #mypricechopper.

  • 0-4: Red’s Just Not Our Color
  • 5-8: We’re Ok with Red Foods
  • 9-12: We Think Red Foods Taste Good
  • 13-16: We’re Real Red Food Explorers

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