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It's Graduation Time!

April 25th 2019

A big milestone and quite possibly, a big party to plan. Whether you are hosting a small gathering for family & friends or a larger open house style event we want to help. Start with these steps to guide you through the planning process.

  1. Establish a budget. Money matters. Sit down and put some parameters on what the spending can or should look like for your family. Ensure the grad is on board too!
  2. Venue. Will you host the party at your home or another location? After availability, be sure to think through specifics like seating & parking for guests.
  3. Date & Time. Select a time that will be the least stressful for you & give you time to prepare any last minute decor or food. Keep in mind any catering items to pick up or decorating tasks that need to be completed the day of event like signs or balloons.
  4. Invites. Time to hit Pinterest! Check out our Grad party board for inspiration. If you have a large guest list, consider using Facebook to create an event to help keep printing costs low. Consider a theme to your invite that may carry over into decorations.
  5. Food & Drinks. Lots of consideration should be given to what foods to serve. Popular foods are usually easy finger foods, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables & dips. Don’t forget to find out if the guest of honor has any special requests. Consider outsourcing anything you won’t have the time to make in your kitchen or space to store in your refrigerator.
  6. Cake. Yes, the cake gets its own step of the process. After all it wouldn’t be a party without cake! Many hosts prefer to have a special cake prepared & personalized at a professional bakery.  Cupcakes, decorated cookies or cookie cake can also be a fun & delicious way to celebrate the grad. Again, consider storage space when you decide to make or to order.
  7. Decorations, card holder, etc. What theme will you have? Will it tie into the invite? Do you have some favorite ideas saved on a Pinterest board? Revisit your ideas or follow us here for some new ones. There are so many easy & fun ways to create a memorable party for your grad.
  8. Playlist. Ask the Grad to help make a playlist of favorite music that can be used for the event. Incorporate favorite songs from over their school years to keep things interesting. Or use your theme to create a festive playlist.

Not sure exactly what you need? Let our team help. Stop by and ask to speak with the deli manager or bakery team lead. They would be happy to help you make your selections and finalize your order. 
Ready to order? Place your Graduation Order Now. Not quite sure what you need? View our Graduation offerings online here
Congratulations 2019 Grads!


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