Snowman S’mores

December 15th 2021

Baby it’s cold outside! Fresh Dish Foodie, Abby, is showing us a recipe to help us stay warm inside. These adorable and tasty Snowman S’mores are the perfect treat for a cold winter day - no campfire needed!

You’ll be using a microwave instead of an open flame, so make sure you have a microwave-safe plate on hand. Add your halved marshmallows to your graham cracker, pop in the microwave and after just 10-15 seconds, decorate your snowman! Let them cool or eat them while warm and gooey. Enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa!

Get the full recipe below:


  • Large Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Graham Crackers
  • Pretzel Sticks (Arms)
  • Candy Corn or Orange Candy Melts (Snowman Noses)
  • You’ll also need a microwave oven and microwave-safe plate


          1. Cut two marshmallows in half.
          2. Place three halves on the graham cracker sticky-side down. Microwave until the marshmallows puff. (Watch very carefully. In our 1100-watt microwave, it took about 12-13 seconds.)
          3. Add broken pretzel sticks for arms.
          4. Add chocolate chips to make up the eyes and buttons, and use a candy corn piece or orange candy for nose.
          5. Set aside to cool, if you can resist the gooey goodness.
          6. Place remaining marshmallow half, cut-side down on the graham cracker square.
          7. Microwave slightly longer, until the marshmallow puffs to get a nice round snowman face (about 14 seconds).
          8. Add a piece of candy corn for the nose and a couple chocolate chips for the eyes.
          9. Store in a single layer in a covered container. You can make a day ahead if serving a crowd.

                              Snowman S'mores

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