Picnic Activities

April 19th 2021

Making memories over food is a timeless tradition. Connect with your family by coordinating a picnic lunch that features these fun, outdoor activities this spring.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Challenge everyone to find the most unique bug, flower, leaf and rock. You can even record your findings or the family’s favorites in these fun journal pages.

Nature Journal

Balloon Stomp

Bring two balloons for each family member, then tie inflated balloons around everyone’s ankles with some ribbon or string. Try to protect your own balloons while popping other family members’ balloons for a fun and active game.

Egg Race

Have the kids try to run a race while balancing an egg on a spoon (hard boiled eggs will leave less mess if you’re doing this in a public area). Scale the difficulty for different ages of kids by changing how they can hold the spoon: both hands, one hand, or in their mouth.

Red Light, Green Light

There’s a reason this game spans generations. It’s a fun way to play together without needing any additional supplies or a lot of space.

Hot and Cold

Bring a small trinket or toy to hide outside. The hider will then give clues to the seeker(s) about how close or far they are based on the scale of freezing cold to burning hot.


Never underestimate how much fun kids have simply tossing a ball or frisbee around. Sometimes a simple activity is the best way to make lasting memories.

Picnic Activities


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