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Keep Brown Sugar Fresh

August 3rd 2018

Brown sugar is so delicious, but unless you’re a regular baker, you probably don’t go through a bag of brown sugar that quickly. Inevitably, your brown sugar will lose its crumbly goodness. And hard, clumped up brown sugar is the worst!

Since brown sugar is made with molasses, it has to stay moist to stay crumbly.

Well, worry not. We have a few easy ways to keep brown sugar from hardening and clumping up. Bonus perk – you probably already have at least one of these items in your kitchen.

Step 1:  Keep your brown sugar in an airtight container. Above all else, this step is crucial to keeping your brown sugar fresh.

Step 2:  Add one of the following items to help keep moisture in the brown sugar. 

Marshmallows:  Believe it or not, popping in a couple large marshmallows will help keep your brown sugar moist. The brown sugar will absorb the moisture within the marshmallows. (We like this tip because the powdered outside of marshmallows keeps the brown sugar from sticking to it.)

Apple Slices: Likewise, brown sugar will absorb moisture from the apple slices and stay moist. We recommend coating the apple slices with brown sugar to keep the apples from dripping.

Bread Slice:  When in doubt, add a slice of plain old white bread. The sugar will absorb the moisture from the bread and leave you with a dried-out slice. (Bonus tip: this also works with home baked cookies.)

Orange Peel:  Don’t throw out the orange peel! It also has a lot of hidden moisture that your brown sugar can use. Toss in a couple pieces of orange peel in with your brown sugar to help keep it from getting hard. (We also like this one because of the sweet citrus aroma.)

Which method will you try first? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram. @my_pricechopper 


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