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Meal Prepping with a Pro

July 28th 2022

Hi there, I’m Bethany Frazier, Price Chopper’s Registered Dietitian.

A few things you should know about me: I love to cook and grocery shop. I know, call me crazy, but I love to check out new products and daydream about how to incorporate them into different meals. In reality, my “relaxing” grocery shopping trips are usually me rushing through the aisles with a few kids in tow. As far as my approach to nutrition, I believe that above all else nutrition should be personalized.

If you feel like you are drowning in nutrition information but have no clue how to apply it, you are in the right spot. I’m here to help make nutrition clear and simple, so you can spend less time worrying about your food and more time feeding your family nourishing meals that you can feel good about. As a busy mom of 3, I know the pains of meal planning intimately. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with meal planning. It’s one more thing on my busy to-do list, but I have found for myself that when I start to dread meal planning it’s because I’m making it too complicated. Simply put; meal planning helps prevent mealtime decision fatigue but getting started can feel really overwhelming.

This summer finally tackle the meal planning battle, spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals (hopefully poolside) with these tips:

Summer Meal Prep Tips:

1. Grill multiple proteins at one time. Make your burgers, chicken breast, pork chops, etc. in one go. Utilize the extra proteins for lunches/dinners the remainder of the week.

2. Save energy by using your slow cooker or instant pot instead of your oven. Use your slow cooker for different pulled meats or one pot meals – like a tater tot casserole. Use your instant pot for egg muffins or an egg casserole, baked beans, or pasta.

3. Turn your hot meals into cold ones. Cool your leftover roasted potatoes from dinner to make a refreshing cold potato salad for lunch the following day.

4. Utilize your freezer. Make double or triple the amount of meat, rice, etc. and freeze the leftovers. Freezing the meat in smaller portions can be helpful when you just want to thaw out enough for 1-2 meals.

Do you know what’s better than trying my favorite meal prep recipes? Prepping meals with me. Join us for our next freezer meal prep class at the Lenexa Public Market. In this freezer meal prep workshop you will make 6 family-friendly meals. The hard work is done for you, we shop all the ingredients and supplies, and arrange them at each meal-building station for you. All you need to do is cut up a few ingredients, assemble and have fun. Did we mention, there is no clean-up required! Check our Facebook Event Page for additional details and link to purchase tickets.

Quick & Easy Meal Prep Recipes Below;

Why I love this recipe: Craving your favorite restaurant lettuce wraps? This is a great way to get that “take out” feel at home. I love using ground chicken as a great way to mix it up from the traditional chicken breasts into my favorite meals.

Why I love this recipe: This is a great one pot meal without feeling like a casserole. You sneak in extra fiber and plants to your normal tacos with the corn and beans.

Why I love this recipe: You can grill or bake these delicious pork chops, that means you can enjoy them year-round. Marinades are my favorite way to add flavor to meats because they help keep them tender and add a huge burst of flavor. These pork chops would go great with some grilled asparagus, or other in season vegetables.

Why I love this recipe: These crowd-pleasing chicken fingers are so delicious you won’t need any dipping sauce. My favorite thing about these chicken fingers is that part of the breading is made with nuts for extra fiber and healthy fats.
Why I love this recipe: While I love to serve veggies as a side to my burgers, this is a good way to get extra nutrients right in the burger itself. Not to mention it elevates your burger experience past the expected.
Why I love this recipe: Flank Steak is one of my favorite cuts of red meat. It is extra lean and really tender. This tangy marinade ensures it’s the perfect complement to the other flavors in the recipe.


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