Wedding Cake Advice

June 19th 2015

Wedding season is in full swing and whether you are newly engaged or closer to the big day, it’s always time to talk about the CAKE. After the bride’s dress- the cake is one of the most talked about parts of a wedding reception. Kara Spyker, one of our most experienced and talented bakery team members has a passion for helping couples select & design their wedding cake.

Kara, a 15 year associate at Price Chopper, is currently a Cake Decorator Specialist at 151st in Overland Park. Recently, Kara took time to share some of her expert advice with us.

Price Chopper: Can you walk us through a typical conversation you may have with a couple?

Kara: “First, I like to congratulate them and make them feel comfortable with me. I’m a people person, and most of the clients can tell I’m very focused on listening to what they want. I encourage them to make a consultation appointment, including a tasting where they should bring a few pictures of designs & styles that they like. If a couple is still in the early stages of shopping, they may have a huge pinterest board of cakes they have pinned. I’m happy to help them narrow it down some… but there are so many fun ways to design a cake! Usually, by the time the visit for their consultation I ask they only bring a few of their favorite designs and know what the colors or theme will be. No matter what, don’t skip scheduling a tasting!  It’s important to know not only what the cake will look like- but how it will taste for the guests.”

Price Chopper: What trends are popular for cakes right now? What are some of your favorite designs to work with?

Kara: “I really enjoy being tasked to create new designs. Cake Decorating is an art and I’ve always been an artist at heart. When a couple shows me a picture of what they like and we talk it over, I usually work with them to create something similar, but maybe slightly different so that’s it’s unique to them. As for popular trends right now, a rough and more rustic look has been popular and lately I’ve been making a lot of what I call the “Betty Crocker” cakes. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s just my way of describing the look that is made w/ the spatula (see photo). It’s a simple but eye catching cake. Simple designs w/ fresh flowers are always popular with my clients as well. Don’t be afraid to bring me a challenging design!” 

Price Chopper: What would be your top advice for couples?  

Kara: “Please select a professional cake decorator for your wedding reception! We not only make sure you love the design, but we know how to properly stabilize tiers and transport the cake so it arrives safely at your receptions site.  I sometimes have people say that they have a friend that will make the cake for them and while that might work well for a smaller reception, if your design includes a tiered cake, a professional has the experience to know how to ensure it doesn’t tilt, fall or sag. Sometimes friends are experts, but sometimes they get in over their heads and it doesn’t end up being fun for anyone. Also, I highly recommend that you get on our schedule as quickly as you feel comfortable with, especially in the Spring months!


Price Chopper: Thanks Kara for your time and advice. Any parting words for our couples?

Kara: “Come see me or check out your local store to see what they can do! Seriously, often we can offer you a very reasonable price for a design that you might think you can only get at a smaller, specialty bakery. Let us be creative and design a cake for your big day!” 

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