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Easy, Edible Holiday Decorations

December 13th 2022

Winter holidays bring much joy and a lot of to-dos! Have the kids help (and keep them busy) with decorations by giving them ideas for fun food crafts. These decorations perfectly adorn a holiday table – and are completely edible for easy and tasty disposal!

Donut Friends

Donut Friends 


  • Powdered sugar mini donuts

  • Chocolate mini donuts

  • Pretzels

  • Coasted chocolate candies or gum drops

  • Mini chocolate chips

  • Small tube of decorating or cookie icing



  • Break pretzels in half and insert into top of chocolate donut gem for “antlers.” Add mini chocolate chips and chocolate candies or gumdrops with icing as the glue to make a reindeer face.


  • Add mini chocolate chips, chocolate candies or gumdrops with icing as the glue to make a happy snowman face.

Snowman Cheese Cubes 


  • Block of white cheese

  • Black writing gel

  • Pretzel sticks

  • Grapes

  • Toothpicks

Snowman Cheese Cubes


    • Cut the cheese into three different sizes of cubes. Cut grapes in half.

    • Take a middle-sized cube of cheese, push a toothpick through the center until it sticks out both sides. Add a larger and smaller cube to each side of the toothpick.

    • Push 2 pretzels into opposite sides of the middle cube.

    • Draw a face on the small cube with the writing gel.

    • Place grape on top of the smallest cheese cube. Use writing gel, if necessary, to help glue the grape in place.

    Santa Kabobs


    • Banana

    • Jumbo marshmallow

    • Mini marshmallow

    • Strawberry

    • Chocolate coated candy

    • Chocolate sprinkles

    • Peanut butter

    • Bamboo skewers

      Banana Santa


        • Cut strawberry top off. Cut jumbo marshmallow in thirds.

        • Peel and but banana in half. Cut off the top ½ inch of banana for a smooth surface. If desired, dip banana in a fruit juice or club soda to prevent browning.

        • Place banana half on skewer until you have approximately 2 ½ inches of skewer coming through at the top. Thread on jumbo marshmallow third, strawberry, and a mini marshmallow.

        • Press two chocolate sprinkles into the banana as eyes. Stick a chocolate candy onto the banana with a small dab of peanut butter.


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