What is the Price Chopper REWARDS program?

The Price Chopper REWARDS program is a loyalty program for Price Chopper customers. With this program, you are able to earn points based on your purchases and then use the points for either savings on groceries at Price Chopper or on fuel at any of the more than 80 QuikTrip locations or Price Chopper Fuel Stations in the Kansas City area.

How does the program work?

The program is simple. You first need a Price Chopper REWARDS Card, which you can sign up for at any local Price Chopper store – just go to Customer Service.

Once you have a card, just swipe your card at checkout. You’ll earn points for every qualifying purchase you make. As you earn points you can redeem the points for savings on food at Price Chopper or savings on fuel at QuikTrip. You may also have the opportunity to earn free items based on how frequently you purchase them. The special offers you can receive will change from time to time, so you will want to check back often.

I already have a Chopper Shopper REWARDS Card. Do I need this new card to participate in this updated program?

No. Your current REWARDS card will continue to work. Points you have earned under your current card will roll over to this new program automatically. You do not have to do anything to participate in the new REWARDS program.

How do the points accumulate?

For every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases, you will receive 1 point. You may also earn by purchasing bonus items, filling prescriptions at Price Chopper and through various promotions. Based on varying accumulated point totals you will receive different savings offers that you can redeem at Price Chopper or at the QuikTrip pumps for savings on fuel.

What is considered a qualifying purchase?

Anything you purchase in the store is considered a qualifying purchase except the following: all liquor products, tobacco products, lottery, lotto, postage stamps, gift cards, money orders, tax, vendor coupons and other service items. You will not earn points for any of these items.

How many points do I need to earn to save.

For savings at Price Chopper, the number of points you need will depend on the special offer you want to redeem. We will have ongoing special offers that will enable you to save on everything from specific merchandise to general discounts on your total grocery bill. For fuel at QuikTrip and Price Chopper Fuel Stations, you’ll save 5¢ per gallon of gas for every 100 points you redeem.

Can my savings accumulate for fuel?

Yes. For every 100 points you earn, you can save 5¢ of per gallon of gas at QuikTrip or Price Chopper Fuel Stations. Rewards accumulate, so you can earn 10¢, 20¢ 30¢ off or more per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons. It’s all based on the points earned from qualified purchases made at Price Chopper.

How do I know what my point balance is?

You can determine your point balance one of four ways: 1) Right at the bottom of your Price Chopper receipt, 2) Go to; 3) Download the Price Chopper app; or 3) Call Customer Service at (877) 233-9072.

How do I know if I’ve earned a free item based on my purchase frequency?

To determine if you’ve earned a free item or track your progress toward available FREE items, just check your app or go to and sign in.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points in-store, visit or load the Price Chopper app. Find an offer you want to redeem and select it. The offer will be automatically loaded onto your REWARDS Card. When your REWARDS Card is used at checkout, that special offer will be automatically applied.

If you want to redeem your points for fuel at QuikTrip, swipe your Price Chopper REWARDS Card at any of the more than 80 QuikTrip or at any of the Price Chopper Fuel Stations in the Kansas City metro. Each pump at QuikTrip or Price Chopper Fuel Station has specific instructions on how to swipe your Chopper Shopper REWARDS Card.

In both cases (at the checkout in Price Chopper and at the Fuel Stations) your points will be automatically deducted from your total points.

How long are my points valid?

Any point you earn will be valid for sixty days from the date you made the purchase. Your points will automatically be added to your account and automatically be removed. Check the website or the app to see your current points.