Privacy Policy

You have our promise that the information gathered through our website will be held in strict confidence. We pledge to use this information to make your website visit more rewarding, to conduct business with you, or to communicate directly with you.
The information we gather on our website falls into two categories: (1) information you supply when you register, (2) information you provide on a variety of pages such as online ordering.
To use certain features on our website, we ask you to register by signing-up online. When you sign up, the website identifies you via your last name and Price Chopper Shopper Card number, which are checked against the Price Chopper Shopper Card website database. Once a match is made, the website asks you to complete your registration by providing your email address and other elements, including a password of your choice for additional security. You are also asked to choose whether you want to save your login information and to select which store you normally shop in. The store selection allows the website to provide individualized information such as your store's weekly ad items online. Some other data, such as the number of members in your household, is optional, and is not required for registration.
From time to time, we also may offer contests or other promotions involving marketing or advertising partners. If you choose to participate in one of these contests or promotions, you may have to provide information about yourself on the partner's website. We don't control these third parties' privacy practices, and our Privacy Policy does not apply to their collection and use of personal information.
When you register online, you have the option of saving your login name and card number so you don't have to enter them each time you sign in. This feature uses web "cookies" to store your login name and card number. Web cookies are small records created automatically by the web browser you use such as Internet Explorer, AOL, or Netscape. Web cookies are stored in a special file on your computer's hard drive. The cookies can then be retrieved by the website server. By storing your login data as a cookie on your computer, your computer will automatically log you in to the Price Chopper website for access to advanced features on the website. You'll notice that your name will be displayed in the upper "header" portion of many pages on the website. Note that the use of web cookies is never required on the Price Chopper website.

If you prefer not to save your login name and card number when you register, no web cookies will be created. When you return later to the website, you will not be automatically logged in, and your name will not appear on website page headers. You can easily log in manually by entering your last name and card number. If you've registered before, you won't be asked for any additional information when you log in manually. All advanced website features will be available once you've logged in manually.

The Price Chopper website does not use web cookies to track you as you move from page to page through the website.

The site gives you access to your card profile data online, which can be reviewed and updated. To retrieve your profile information pages, you must first register for online access. When you register, you establish a password which is required to access your profile information, making it more secure from unauthorized access.

The site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption so that your personal information cannot be read as it passes over the Internet. A padlock appears in the corner of your web browser when you are using SSL encryption. 
When you submit your personal information to Price Chopper you can be assured that your information will reach our servers in a secure fashion. This site uses a digital certificate and a SSL server to ensure information sent is securely encrypted. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is the industry-standard protocol for secure web-based communications. Your sensitive information will be kept private!
Authentication: A Certificate Signing Authority granted Price Chopper a Digital Server ID. The Certificate Signing Authority reviews credentials such as an organization's Dun & Bradstreet number or Articles of Incorporation and completes a thorough background checking process. This ensures that the organization is what it claims to be, and is not claiming a false identity. Then the Certificate Signing Authority issues the organization a Server ID. This Server ID is an electronic credential that proves the company's identity.

Message privacy: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts personal information sent to our web server from your web browser using a unique session key. To securely transmit the session key to your browser, our server encrypts it with your public key. These layers of privacy protection ensure that information cannot be viewed if it is intercepted by unauthorized parties.

Message integrity: When you send your personal information, your computer's web browser and our web server each generate a code based on the message content. If even a single character in the message content is altered our web server will generate a different code, and will be alerted that the message is not legitimate. With message integrity, our web server will know that the data sent to it is exactly what you sent.
Parents may register their children for the Chopper Kids Club online. Membership is open to children 12 years and under. Price Chopper will protect parent's and children's privacy. We will not sell or provide any names, email addresses, phone numbers or postal addresses to any list service, agency or mailing firm or to any third party for any reason. Information is used exclusively to fulfill the offerings of the Chopper Kids Club. To protect the privacy of children, online registration for the Chopper Kids Club is restricted to those who have parents who are online members. The Kids Club registration is part of their parents profile and can be managed once logged in as a registered user. Parents may update their child's information or opt out of the Chopper Kids Club at anytime in their membership area.