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4 Ways to Seamlessly Add Seafood to your Holiday Spread
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4 Ways to Seamlessly Add Seafood to your Holiday Spread

Selecting seafood can be quite overwhelming, especially when adding it to your line up of holiday dishes. It’s usually overlooked during the season of merriment but should not be underestimated. If served in the right portions with the right preparation,  seafood will add some pizzazz to your traditional holiday food standards that a turkey or ham simply cannot bring to the table. From butter poached salmon to steamed lobster tails, here are four ways to seamlessly add seafood to your holiday spread.

  1. Start with something light! Skewered shrimp or scallops are a great way to ease into a seafood spread. Seared stove top or grilled are the perfect way to serve.

2. Butter poached salmon is as easy as it gets. Simply melt butter in a baking sheet with oven preheated to 475 degrees. Place salmon on top of butter and cook for 8 to 12 minutes or until opaque and flaky. Season with salt and pepper then serve!

3. Crab legs are always a crowd-pleaser! Steamed then served with warm butter and a splash of fresh lemon will leave your guests in a seafood bliss. Make sure to grab a few seafood crackers or things may get wild.

4.  Pick your poison, 4-5 oz or 8 oz tails! Price Chopper will be featuring both sizes this year. If you want decadence, go big; if you want to add this delicacy to your seafood spread without breaking the bank, go mid-size. Either way, your guests will be beyond pleased.

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