Holiday Foods Around the World

December 14th 2021

This time of year, different traditions, holidays, and foods are found all around the world. Can you guess which country celebrates December with each of these foods?


With the bright red skin and dark green leaves, these tropical fruits are actually quite festive and sweet. 

You might be able to spot these fruits in your local Price Chopper so you can celebrate like Madagascar.


While Christmas is not an official holiday, it is celebrated with Fried Chicken and some American customs in this country. In fact, Fried chicken is so popular many families have to put in orders months ahead of time or wait in line for hours to get theirs.

Get some Chopper Chicken to celebrate Christmas like they do in Japan.


Citizens of this country break out the barbecue and enjoy fresh, light dessert and fruits! We often associate December and winter with hearty meals, but this country has Christmas during their warm, summer months!

Because Christmas happens in summer, Australia traditionally celebrates with lighter fare.  


Christmas meals in this country are typically 12 courses, all meat-free. One of the signature dishes of this feast is a beetroot soup (borscht) with mushroom-filled dumplings.

Will you dig in to a large, multi-course meal like they do in Poland?

Delicious Foods and Flags of Origin Countries


Holiday Garland
Holiday Garland
Price Chopper has everything you need for delicious holiday gatherings, including decor! Fresh cranberries & popcorn, cinnamon sticks with dried citrus. Simply string items you select with a needle & thread.
Holiday Family Fun Bucket List
Holiday Family Fun Bucket List
Make this holiday season unforgettable with a bucket list of fun activities and snacks.
Holiday Fun with Reindeer and Snowmen
Holiday Fun with Reindeer and Snowmen
Thank you to everyone who came out to their local Price Chopper last weekend for our Holiday Chopper Kids Club event! On Saturday, December 13, kids 12 and under built their own delicious reindeer and snowmen. You can see we had lots of fun!
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