DIY Mini Easter Putt-Putt

April 8th 2022

This Easter-themed activity has it all: crafting, imaginative and active play and snacks! Break out this activity that uses items from around the house on a rainy day and keep your little ones busy.

DIY Easter Mini Putt-Putt

• White disposable cups.
• Crafting supplies (scissors, glue, your choice of paper, markers, cotton balls and pipe cleaners).
• Popsicle sticks, pencils, or reusable straws.
• Small colorful candies like jellybeans or candy-coated chocolates.

READY (Craft)
Create your Bunnies. These will be your putt-putt holes.
• Take a white, disposable cup and cut a small oval out of the top.
• Make or draw on some bunny teeth, ears, noses, and whiskers. Use what you have – it can be paper, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc.
• Glue on your bunny pieces to bring the creatures to life.

Setting up your Supplies

SET (Assemble)
Set up your course. This can be done hole-by-hole in smaller spaces, or all at once in larger spaces.
• Determine where you want to play – on the floor, on a table, a combination of the two.
• Establish your “tee” with a coaster or piece of paper and place the hole.
• Build out obstacles using household items – building blocks, car racetracks, small boxes, and stuffed animals all work great.

Mini Putt-Putt Gif

Gather your final supplies and let the games begin! With the course completed, your family is ready for some not-so-serious putt-putt competition.
• Each player will need a putter and a ball (it’s helpful if each player has their own color).
• Make sure you have a score sheet on hand to track scores, if desired.
• Consider adding an easier tee on harder holes for youngsters still developing their fine motor skills.

After everyone has had their fill of the game, tally up and determine your winner. Then, celebrate together by snacking on any unused candies.


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