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Avocados 101: Nine New Uses for an Old Favorite

July 31st 2023

Bethany FrazierBethany Frazier
Price Chopper Dietitian

July 31st is National Avocado Day and we are here to guac your world!

At Price Chopper, we love our avocado toast and chips with guacamole as much as the next person, but there’s so much more to the avocado. Read on for some alternative avocado ideas and the perks that come with them.

Avocado Toast

Avocados 101: Nine New Uses for an Old Favorite

Tips for Storing

Avocados can be fickle, ripening too fast or not fast enough. Best practices:

  • Speed up the ripening process: Place in a brown paper sack with either an apple or banana and leave for a few days. The apple or banana produces ethylene gas, causing the avocado to ripen faster.
  • Add acid: Oxidation and browning begin as soon as air hits the avocado fruit. Adding an acid will extend freshness. Cover the exposed avocado with lemon or lime juice and store in the fridge.
  • Put it on ice: If you don’t have an immediate need for your avocados, freeze them! Dice into bite-sized pieces, and store in a resealable bag.

Alternative Uses

Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Avocados always make terrific additions to salads and bowls, but if you want to remix your avocado regimen, look no further. Avocados have a mild taste, making them a great complement to many flavors. They also bring a rich, creamy texture to any dish.

  1. Smoothies. Add avocado–frozen or fresh–to elevate your breakfast smoothie. This Kiwi, Clementine, & Blackberry Smoothie will get you started.
  2. Ice cream. Keep cool through the summer heat waves with this Avocado Ice Cream. Avocado supercharges America’s favorite dessert with extra creaminess.
  3. Stuffed avocados. For a new spin on the loaded potato or stuffed pepper, try these Egg-vocados.
  4. Baked goods. The smooth richness of avocados pairs naturally with many baked goods, like brownies, cookies, or muffins.
  5. Grill or fry them. Put your avocados on the barbecue or make them into French fries. This clean Grilled Avocado recipe is a fantastic summer appetizer.
  6. Dressings and dips. Use to make salad dressings, sauces, and hummus. This Avocado Ranch Dip will get you going.
  7. Chocolate mousse. Chocolate and avocado bring out the best in each other in this easy-to-make cold dessert
  8. Mayo substitute. Like mayonnaise, avocados are rich and spreadable. Add to your sandwich or use in egg salad.
  9. Add to drinks. Avocados can be added to water for a hydration elixir, or blended into a margarita to go with that guac.

Health Benefits

Avocado is not only versatile, but a terrific nutritious source. When you test out these new ideas, you’ll also get:

  • Fiber. One avocado contains around 13 grams of fiber, keeping you full longer and your gut healthy.
  • Healthy fats. Avocados are concentrated with monounsaturated fats, which may protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure.
  • Vitamins and minerals. Avocados provide nutrients that are missing from many people’s diet, including magnesium, copper, folate, B6, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

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