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Front Yard Fair Fun

July 17th 2023

The heat of summer brings fun family traditions like going to the fair. Take inspiration from these traditional gatherings next time the kids need something to do at home to keep them active.

Transform your front yard or living room into your kids’ very own fairgrounds. Below are some simple starter ideas, but encourage the kids to use items around the house to come up with fair-themed games, snacks and crafts!

Fair Games

DIY Games
The possibilities are endless, but here are some simple ones to setup that give the feeling of carnival games you might find at the fair:

  • Bucket Toss – all you need are a few small balls and varying-sized containers
  • Glow Necklace Ring Toss – glow necklaces are always hit, and they can double as ring toss rings
  • Coin Drop – two easy setups for different challenges: one is dropping into a submerged jar in water, or the other is dropping from a (safe) tall height.
  • Water Squirt Target Game – use a spray bottle or squirt gun, water and a homemade paper target
  • Pyramid Can Toss – Use recycled containers to setup this classic carnival-style game


Fair foods range from vendor extravagance like deep-fried foods on a stick to home-cooking classics like pie. Build on your fair theme day with these themed recipes:


Have kids get creative! Local fairs celebrate creativity, agriculture and a range of talents. Get the blue ribbons ready, and encourage your kids to start crafting contest entries like:

  • Quilts – use fabric or paper scraps for this green craft.
  • House of cards or toothpicks – flex their imagination and motor skills with what you have on hand.
  • Fashion show – find out who can make the most creative doll outfit.
  • Special talent contests – pick a family favorite like singing, dancing, duck calls, etc.
  • Water balloon or egg toss – great for a larger group. Be sure to used boiled eggs if doing inside!

Family Fun Competition
Family Fun Competition
These activities are fun for the whole family. You can keep it friendly and scoreless, or keep score and do a short winner’s ceremony after each activity for a little more competition.
Have Fun With Food
Have Fun With Food
If you’re trying to introduce new foods or have a picky eater, try infusing extra fun into snack or meal time.
Feeding Tips & Tricks for Kids
Feeding Tips & Tricks for Kids
Battling over foods is stressful for parents and kids. Though getting your kids to eat new foods can be challenging, different strategies can help you find mealtime success with the little ones. Use our tips to encourage healthy habits in your resistant eaters and for more enjoyable dinners for all.
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