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Family Fun Competition

July 16th 2021

These DIY backyard games are perfect if your family is feeling inspired to get active and try out a little friendly competition. If your family prefers to keep things light and fun, no need to keep score - or keep score and do a short winner’s ceremony after each activity for a more competitive feel.

Build Your Own Balance Beam

With a 2x4 and a couple pavers or cinder blocks, you have a quick balance beam ready for any routine. If keeping score, pick a scoring method to match competitors’ motor skill levels:Family Fun Competition

  • Total time balancing on the beam
  • Number of consecutive trips across the beam
  • Points per trick (lifting a foot, jumping, turning)
  • Fastest time across the beam

Water Gun Archery

Use sidewalk chalk to draw targets on a fence, or tack a sheet of paper with a drawn target to a tree and assign points to each ring. Use small water guns to try to hit the bullseye!

Cup Golf

Set up a mini-golf course with a heavy cup (so it doesn’t blow away in Midwest weather!) as the hole. Hit a small ball with a putter – or any good-sized stick) and track strokes to the hole. Moving the “tee box” and hole can easily make this game last as many holes as you want.

Track Races

Kids love racing, and no equipment is required for a quick race! Simply set your starting point and finish line, then let the race begin! Having a judge at the finish line might help decide any close finishes.

Pool Noodle Throw

Test arm strength and form by doing a pool noodle throw competition. No pool noodles? Try another toy – like a foam sword – that will keep the kids and toys safe in this little-one friendly version of a javelin throw. Pick the rules best for your kids: longest throw or closest to the goal (use an object to mark the goal).


Let your kids exercise their bodies and their imagination! Encourage your kids to come up with their own routine filled with jumping, rolling, flipping, and general “tricks”. They’ll love showing off their moves and you’ll enjoy watching their creativity take off!


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