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Family Meal Planning Tips

August 24th 2022

Family Meal Planning Tips

You already know that there are benefits to eating together as a family, such as spending quality time together and saving money on food, but did you know that the benefits go far deeper? Studies show that eating together has positive health benefits for the entire family, especially children, including:

  • Increased happiness and decreased likelihood of depression and stress

  • Better communication skills and relationships with others

  • Improved overall nutrition and health

  • Increased academic achievements and self-confidence

  • Decreased likelihood of engaging in drug use/harmful activities, etc.

We know that this time of year can be busy, so we have compiled a list of our favorite family meal planning tips to help you get meals on the table with ease.

  • Review your family’s schedule for the week ahead and determine when it will be feasible to eat meals together. Some weeks may only include one or two family meals, and that’s ok! You don’t need to eat together every night to reap the benefits listed above. The goal is to make it happen as often as your schedule permits.

  • Build meals around themes to make planning a bit easier. For example, meatless Monday; taco Tuesday; Italian Wednesday or chicken on Monday; vegetarian on Tuesday, fish on Wednesday, etc.

  • Create your shopping list. Assess your fridge, freezer, and pantry to see identify what you have and what you need to purchase.

  • Make a meal prep game-plan. Wash and prep veggies, cook whole grains, or marinate meats in advance. The more prep you do ahead of time, the less time it will take during the week. And remember to enlist your little helper. Getting kids involved in meal prep and cooking can better prepare them for the future and is a great way to spend quality time together.

  • Double or triple batches to yield leftovers that can be eaten later in the week or frozen. Try reinventing leftovers too! For example, transform leftover cooked rice into a simple rice bowl, taco meat into a taco salad or cooked pasta into a casserole.


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