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Fresh Peach Crumble

July 10th 2015

Peach season has arrived. Grab one and don’t be shy. Go ahead, take that big juicy bite and let the peach goodness drip down your chin... oh wait. That's not how you eat them? Maybe that’s just how we do it? Hmmm… Well, no matter how you eat them, it’s likely you’ve been talked into a Peach Cobbler or Peach Pie at some point in your life. Oh dessert- how we love you so... But with the warmer weather of Summer- we tend to favor lighter bites & portions. As long as we have something to take care of that, “I just need something sweet” feeling we ALWAYS seem to have after dinner. 

This week on the blog we tackle the lighter side of a Fresh Fruit Crumble thanks to our partners at Guiding Stars.

We choose peaches, because HELLO it’s PEACH season!! (and they have been delicious!) 

Make this recipe if you;

  1. Like dessert & peaches

  2. need a dairy free recipe. (easily nut free as well)

  3. want to keep the calories & sugar lower than other recipes.

  4. like to make things homemade, but time is a factor! 

What you need: 

2 1/2 cups fresh peaches 
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
3 tablespoons whole-wheat flour, divided
1 tablespoon orange juice
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup chopped almonds, or pecans (optional)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons canola oil

What to do:

Preheat oven to 400°F.
Combine fruit with granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon flour and orange juice. Divide among four 6-ounce ovenproof ramekins(single serve bowls) or we chose 1 small, shallow serving dish. Combine oats, nuts, brown sugar, the remaining 2 tablespoons flour and cinnamon. Drizzle with oil and stir to combine. Sprinkle over the fruit mixture. Place the ramekins on a baking sheet.
Bake until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is golden, 20 to 25 minutes. Let stand for at least 10 minutes before serving.

All the nutrition details can be found here (less than 300 calories per serving!) and don't forget to share your review with us on Facebook,Twitter @my_pricechopper or Instagram @my_pricechopper.  Be social-we are!  

PS we still think you need to try the juice dripping down your chin thing... but maybe no sharing that. :)


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