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One-Pan Wonders

January 27th 2023

Looking to skip dish duty tonight? Take some of the stress out of cooking with one-pan dinners. From Mediterranean gyros and chicken to juicy pork tenderloin, one-pan recipes create mouthwatering meals using just one vessel. Find the right recipe and you can pack in all the food groups for a truly balanced and delicious meal. 

Follow our pro tips so you can make your own one-pan wonder, and check out our recipes from Winter 2023 Gatherings.

Gather Ingredients:
Make sure to get all your ingredients prepped and ready so you can add them to the pan with ease. Chop vegetables to uniform sizes and shapes and aim for cuts of meat in the same thickness.

Start with Protein:
Since meats will take the longest to cook, start with proteins first. Then you add potatoes and other hearty vegetables after a few minutes, and everything else a few minutes after that.

Ingredient Placement:
Position meat in the center of the pan where it can absorb the most heat, then scatter veggies and other ingredients on the sides. Be sure not to overcrowd the pan, otherwise you may get an uneven cook.



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One-pot Chicken & Mushroom Orzo
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Sheet-Pan Chicken Parmesan With Roasted Lemon-Garlic Broccoli
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Citrus Creations
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