See How Easy it is to Save!

Discover the new ways to save and new ways to spend your savings!

Save Every Time You Shop! 

Price Chopper is proud to introduce a new REWARDS program! Now you’ll be able to earn rewards and save on all qualifying purchases – whether you buy a little or a lot. Plus, you have even more flexibility in determining how you want to redeem your REWARDS points – you can save on groceries one week and save on fuel at QuikTrip the next!

The best way to learn more, discover your special offers and track your points is with the new Price Chopper app or at!

Save at Price Chopper

Once you’ve enrolled in Chopper Shopper REWARDS, you’ll start earning points during your first shopping trip – whether you buy a little or a lot. You’ll earn one point for every $1.00 you spend on qualifying groceries. You can then redeem your points for special offers at Price Chopper (and eventually at some of our partners). Discover special offers at, on the Price Chopper app, in our weekly circular, in social media and other avenues. We want to provide you with a wide variety of savings opportunities, giving you the flexibility to spend points the way you want.

In addition, with this new REWARDS program you will be able to participate in various loyalty programs that will enable you to receive FREE products based on how frequently you buy them. You can track your status toward FREE items at and on the Price Chopper app.

Save at QuikTrip

Don’t worry – the fuel savings program at QuikTrip (and Cosentino Fuel Centers) is still a featured element of Chopper Shopper REWARDS program. With every 100 points that you earn, you can receive a 5¢ per gallon discount on fuel at QuikTrip (up to 20 gallons at a time).

Let your savings at the pump stack up. You can save 20¢, 30¢, 40¢ off or more per gallon. It’s all based on the points you earn. The Chopper Shopper REWARDS Card must be scanned in store when you make your grocery purchases to earn the savings at the pump. In addition, you must use the large REWARDS Card and swipe it at the fuel station pumps to earn the fuel rewards.

Save at Pharmacy

Earn points with each new and refilled prescription at the Price Chopper Pharmacy. For each prescription, you will earn 100 points when you use your REWARDS Card.


Bonus REWARDS give you the opportunity to save even more! Here’s how it works:

Look for the bonus symbol on qualifying products throughout the store. You can also spot them in our weekly circular, on our website at and in our app. There’s no limit to how many products you can purchase or how much you can save.