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Dessert Drinks

July 24th 2015

The Summer heat is on so keep the oven off and drink your dessert!  Shake up a Key Lime Pie Martini, a Brandy Alexander or pour a Guinness float. Easy & festive for an after dinner cocktail or try one for a summer themed party. Oh, who are we kidding... No special occasion necessary- try one after dinner any old time. You'll be glad you did! 

Key Lime Pie Martini

This one is for all of the Key Lime Pie lovers. You know who you are. Get ready, this drink tastes like you should be eating it!  And, for those of you who are thinking… “where is the chocolate?” Don’t worry, we'll get to that next. 

What you need (per each drink): 

  • 1 ½ oz. vanilla vodka

  • ½ oz. Liquor 43

  • ½ oz. freshly pressed key lime juice (regular lime juice is an acceptable substitute thought you may want a little more)

  • ½ oz. half and half

  • graham cracker crumbs

  • extra lime juice

  • lime zest

What to do:

  • Place the first four ingredients into a shaker with ice, and shake hard for 20 seconds.
  • Double strain into a martini glass that has been rimmed with graham cracker crumbs. (Graham cracker crumbs are available in the baking aisle at most stores. Use lime juice to wet the rim of the martini glass and then apply graham cracker crust as if you were adding salt to a margarita.)
  • Garnish with lime zest if desired.
  • For an even more dessert-like drink. Add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream to your martini shaker. Use the Ice too and this will give the drink a more creamy taste.
  • Key Lime is generally not very sweet. If you prefer a sweeter drink, consider using a ½ oz of sweetened Lime juice instead of Key Lime juice.

Brandy Alexander 

Chocoloate lovers- you're up. Consider this to be similar to the most decadent dessert you’ve ever ordered at your favorite restaurant. Then enjoy every sip. With dark Creme de Cocoa & heavy cream, it’s rich but so worth it!

What you need (per drink):


  • 2 ounces dark crème de cacao     

  • 2 ounces heavy cream

  • 1 1/2 ounces brandy

  • Ice

  • Ground Nutmeg (or whole for grating)

What to do:

  • Place a cocktail glass in the freezer to chill.

  • Place the crème de cacao, cream, and brandy in a cocktail shaker. Add ice to fill the shaker halfway, cover, and shake until the outside is frosty, about 30 seconds.

  • Strain into the chilled glass and top with nutmeg. We chose to sprinkle some ground nutmeg on top, rather than grate our own.

Guinness Floats 

This one is for the beer lovers. Nope, scratch that. Even the non-beer lovers enjoyed this float. Whether it's Guiness or another beer, these are delightful with almost limitless combinations. 
What you need: 
  • Beer Mug
  • 2-3 schoops of Ice Cream (Vanilla, Caramel, Coffee, Chocolate...Your favorite) 
  • Guinness Draught or Extra Stout (or your favorite beer) 
  • toppings (chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped topping etc) 


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