Fun Lunchbox Ideas with Fruit

August 3rd 2021

Late summer into fall is a great time to pack lunches full of seasonal, fresh fruit! Try some of these simple, fun ideas to add something a little special to a loved one’s lunch box.

Secret Banana Messages

Just one small step added to tossing a whole banana in a lunch bag can bring a smile to their faces. Lightly scratch a message in in the morning (don’t push too hard or you’ll bruise the fruit inside) and it will be dark enough to easily read by lunch.

Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

If you’re adding a container of fruit, cut out any larger fruit pieces with a cookie cutter to add fun shapes to the mix.

Butterfly Snack Packs

Make a few decorative clips, then it’s as easy as clipping and filling a sandwich bag to add a little decoration to packed lunches.

Bugs on a Log

Have fun with the classic filled and topped celery treat. Add more fruit, animal crackers, or other add-ons that your family will find fun and delicious.

Bento Boxes

How you pack the lunch can make the same food seem much more fun! Use a bento box or make your own with a large, flat container and silicone muffin wrappers or tall cookie cutters.


Loaded Caesar Sliders on a Stick
Loaded Caesar Sliders on a Stick
Turn your favorite caesar salad flavors into a slider sandwich! Whitney shows us how to make Caesar Sliders on a Stick.
Loaded Tots on a Stick
Loaded Tots on a Stick
Whitney is making your crew’s new favorite appetizer for game night - Loaded Tots on a Stick.
Summer Cheeseboard
Summer Cheeseboard
Celebrate summer flavors with a beautiful cheeseboard. Add a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and Wisconsin Cheese.
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